Friday, January 22, 2010

Photography and Art

Hi There, Short post just to let you know my new photograpy and art site is up at Check it out.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Article Writing

Well it's a new year. I wonder what 2010 has in store. I wrote a few articles last year. Here is a copy of my latest article.

Make Money Online Canada.

Canada is one country in the world where just about everybody has embraced the internet. Federal and provincial governments have recognized the importance of new technology and most provinces are on track to making high speed available to every household. This development offers a solution to the residents of this vastly rural country that is unprecedented and amazing in it's potential. Let me explain.
Only 50 years ago most Canadians were born and raised on small farms. Families were large and work was scarce in many areas. This created a huge migration from the country to the cities by the baby boomers looking for work. Many relocated from their home province to Ontario were most of the manufacturing was done. Many moved to mining towns such as Thompson Manitoba or Sudbury Ontario. As we've watched our natural resources diminish jobs in traditional industries such as fishing and now lumbering are, and have simply vanished. Recent years have seen this generation migrate to Alberta looking for work and a sustainable way of life. This growth around the cities has created demand for housing and commercial building space that has drawn trades people to meet the demand for construction labour. As rural communities declined populations around the major centres has soared. Nova Scotia is a classic example where the population has hovered around a million people for some years. The population around Halifax Regional Municipality has soared to over 400, 000 as residents move from rural to urban and city dwelling. Construction and development has boomed for 10 years to accommodate this migration of it's own provincial residents. What is the end result of all this and what has it to do with making money online?
I believe most Canadians would rather live in the country or their hometown. I believe we are genetically inclined to be country folk. Canadians are committed to family and this migration has drawn families farther apart. Cities are places where we lock our doors and we do not feel completely safe going out at night. Now no offence to those who love city life. I'm just suggesting a lot of us are only living there because we have to for work. I believe the opportunity is now here for many of us to make a change and have the life we want. This life evolves around a rural or small town lifestyle. We would like our children to be raised in that type of environment. So we could have more time to enjoy them as they grow and learn. That does not mean every one (city and rural alike) can not partake of this opportunity. Financial freedom is wonderful no matter where you live.
Financial freedom quite simply gives you the opportunity to live the life you want. Not the life imposed on you by your employer. (As good as that employer may be.) Good companies are only good because of good employees. However even good companies are utilizing the internet to reduce the number of good employees they need. For example the first industry to embrace technology was banking. One bank in my area has two branches. This bank makes billions in profit each year. Their two branches are open on a rotational basis. Even with billions in profit they are not prepared to staff both branches all week. They can do this because of online banking and ATM machines. I explain this to emphasise the impact of technology. How long before technology make so many good jobs redundant? So how secure is anybodies good job? Only time will tell as technology improves. Have no doubt we haven't seen anything yet. Now to my reason for writing this article.
Canada is the greatest country in the world to live. (In my somewhat biased opinion) We have prospered mainly because of our vast resources and marketing those resources to the world. That era is fast coming to a close as our resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Just look at lumbering, fishing, steel and now agriculture to name a few. In the years to come those countries that imbrace technology and sell information and products online to the world will be the countries that prosper. Canada in it's wisdom has emerged as a leader by being one of the first countries to provide high speed internet to all of it's residents. Now this opens up the opportunity I've been eluding to. An opportunity for all of Canada's residents. You see the internet is fast becoming the world's market place for just about everything. The internet has no geographical boundries or restrictions. You can have a website in Pugwash Nova Scotia marketing widgets made in China. You can sell the widgets online all over the world and your supplier in China can ship the widget directly to your buyer in Denmark. You can build a business at home and make a good living or a fortune depending on what you want out of life. Now is the time for Canadians to become experts at internet marketing. Now is the time. You have the opportunity. All you lack is the knowledge. That knowledge and training support is readily available. Take control of your future now and have the life you want!! Living where you want!! Canada opportunity is knocking!! All you have to do is open the door.
Larry Matthews
Larry Matthews is a successful entrepreneur and has operated various successful business ventures for the past 30 years.Over his life time has risen from poverty to being a successful business person. He and his wife Peggy have been together since teenagers and his two grown daughters are active in his business along with his wife's sister and her son. Larry has been awarded a certificate of recognition by the local municipal government for 25 years of quality service to the public and a resolution was passed by the government of Nova Scotia recognizing Larry and Peggy for their perseverance and hard work. To learn more about making money online please visit
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