Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Use A Real Estate Agent ? (edit/delete)

There are many discussions going on across North America about the value of using a real estate agent. Below is a copy of an email I recieved from a customer and my response. This was a retired couple. He was a lawyer. I think the email speaks for itself. My response also speaks for itself. Natasha is my daughter who is our general manager.

An email from one of Hants Realty's customers

by Luke Matthews on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 4:17pm
This email just made my day!!

Hi Larry. Every time I drive through Brookfield, I say to myself that I must e-mail you, because every house in the village that was for sale when we listed ours is still for sale. So we want to say a very big thank you to you, and of course to Natasha. You were both patient, helpful and cheerful when we needed it. (Especially when I got ticked and was ready to pull the plug!) You are good at what you do, and we tell everyone we see what great service we had from you. Best of luck to you.

Sincerely, Jean and Don.

Here was my response

Hi Jean. Thanks so much. Appreciation is the greatest human want mainly because it is so rare. It is people like you and Don that keep our little family enterprise going and make our efforts all worth while. Give Mark my thanks for recommending me to you and from my family to yours.

God Bless !!

Larry Matthews is a recognized expert in Nova Scotia real estate. He is licensed as a real estate broker, real estate appraiser and mortgage broker. The Nova Scotia Legislature has passed a resolution recognizing Larry and his wife Peggy for the success of their company Hants Realty Limited. The Municipality of East Hants awarded Hants Realty Limited with a certificate of recognition for providing 25 yrs of quality service to the residents of East Hants. Larry is an author,photographer,artist and publisher.

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