Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Make Money In Real Estate

I was talking with a customer the other day . (He has bought over $2,000,000 worth of real estate through me in the past two years.) He said he would never consider any real estate transaction without my involvement. Now this is a knowledgable well educated man. I asked him why ? He said to me. Larry you do not even realize your own ability. You can look at any situation in a real estate transaction and come up with a viable commonsense solution that actualy works for both sides. Over the years you have developed the ability to analyze and solve problems that borders on genius. This genius is based on your uncanny ability to understand people and explain things to them in a way that they can understand it. You are the absolute best problem solver I have ever met. You are a genius at solving problems and I would never get involved in a real estate transaction with out you on my side.
Now that is quite a compliment . Especialy since I normaly refer to myself as "The big ugly guy with a beard" . My daughter Natasha (who is my assisstant and has been my right hand for many years) has often suggested I start a web site to teach others the skills I have learned over the years. So I have decided to use this blog as my venue to start . Now I realize there are many Guru's you can follow who promote their ability to make money and charge you big bucks for their supposed secrets. Usualy they make more money selling hope and dreams to people than actual money making secrets that have actualy worked for them. Of course if they have been successful they tend to leave out the part about how hard it is to succeed in anything . (That is the first fact of Life you need to understand) My daughter has also said I should call my site runagade realtor (tm) or rebel realtor (tm) because I never do anything the way other real estate people do. That is true to a certain point. The truth is I study what is working for other people and then rework what I learn to suit myself and my goals. After I rework it it may appear to be radicly different but what I do is always based on research of some technique that has worked before. (I do not try to re-invent the wheel)
Most people conform to society
Radical people try to get society to conform to them
Thus most change is initiated by radical people.
If you do what everyone else does you end up where everyone else ends up!
90% of the money made in real estate sales is made by 10% of the people and some industry experts are claiming that is closer to 95% and 5% now.
That's enough for now. Think about what I've said. I am going to be posting some of what I've learned and I am in that 5% if you are interested and want to follow my blog. I have to get going as my wife is waiting but it is Thanks Giving Week End and have a great Thanks Giving . Talk Soon

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