Friday, December 11, 2009

Social Networking

Merry Christmas . I just posted this photo to get your attention and yes those are $100 bills. Running any business is all about the money. No different than running your household. A lack of money no matter the reason with a business it could be a recession with your household it could be a lay off. No matter the reason you are forced to adjust. That is the downward spiral created by a recession. A business in many cases can only cut labour costs (By laying off) that of course directly effects families and household spending and that comes back around and means less sales for business. Banks tighten credit for business and every thing starts to get slower and the economy worsens. Of course frustration mounts as we read of the bonuses paid to corporate executives or watch our politicians travel first class to exotic locations for some trumped up trade mission. This double standard for those of us living in the real world can seem so unfair. I have just experienced the worst of that double standard when forced to lay good people off and watching the government seize my brothers Canada Pension for taxes and being harassed as his guardian by different government burecrats who are only concerned about money and not him. (He has a brian injury and requires 24hr care). It is in times like these that I have to fall back on my faith and ask God to bear the burden and to provide me with wisdom and hope. This is the season of hope for many of us with the celebration of Christ's birthday. Sometimes in life that hope is all that keeps us going. All of us struggle at times with the reality of life and it's troubles. Yes even the banker's big bonus won't heal a loved one or fix a broken relationship. Johnny Cash once said "Having money just means you have to worry about everything except money". Let us try and remember the real reason for the season this Christmas because for many of us December 25th was the day that "HOPE" came into the world and into our lives. I started this post to tell you about social networking and my mind wandered into my heart and my heart kind of took over. So forgive my rambling. Check out my new social networking site at and Happy Holidays.


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