Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google Adwords

Hey there !! Well I have to say it's been an interesting few weeks real estate sales have pretty much slowed to a crawl but the appraisal end of things have picked up so no panic yet . I've had some time to work on web related business including several campains on Google Adwords. First I have a clickbank mall where I promote health related clickbank products. Next I have my GDI business where you can get your own domain name,hosting and 10 emails for only $10 per month not only that you get the easiest to use web building software to build your own website. Plus you can build a residual long term income by telling others about GDI. I used these tools to build my lead generating real estate site . My marketing site for GDI is feel free to check all these sites out and email me any questions. Well back to google adwords I have some tweaking to do. Still working on the magic formula.
Have a great Holiday season.


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