Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Not What You Make but What You Keep

I have a saying. "It's not what you make but what you keep that counts". My thoughts on this are explained on my website . My goal with this blog is to help those people with a desire to have a better life {and are willing to make an extra effort} Fulfill that desire. If you are content trading time for money and working with-in the confines of a system designed to keep you at a certain life style then I can't help you. Actually if you are content and happy you do not need any help. You see my definition of success is simply contentment. If you are content you are happy. Can money buy happiness ? No it can't. What money can do is reward you for doing something well. The doing something well and the satisfaction you feel,the sense of accomplishment you feel,the respect you acquire and the knowledge you acquire. Those are the things that will make you happy and the money is the measure of any business success. That money gives you relief from financial burdens and the opportunity to have more free time with the people you love. You see time is life's most valuable asset. The older you get the more you come to realize that. To state further; time to do what you love while you are still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy that particular endeavor . That time is absolutely precious. (Ask any former athlete)

Now I have made and lost a lot of money in my business career. I do not consider myself to be any great success but many people do. The difference between their opinion and mine revolves around perception. They see where I'm at today but not the road I've traveled to get here. I look back at that road and would not wish for anyone to have to travel it. I see moments of glory along a road strewn with heartache, loss, mistakes,deception,betrayal and dissappointment. Have I overcome all that ? Yes I suppose I have because I have never given up . So why would I not want anyone to travel that road ? Because that road is too hard. There were too many sacrifices. Too much time with loved ones lost. Too many things not done that I am now too old or do not have the desire to do. Why would I say all this to you and expect you to follow any advice from me ? Because I want you to realize that I am going to be absolutely honest with you. I am going to look back along that road and pick out those moments of glory and explain how I achieved them. I am going to analyze the dissappointments and explain how to avoid them . By following this blog you will travel with me as I tell you my life's storey about where I was, the road I traveled and where I'm at today . What I've done to make money,what I'm doing to make money and what I plan to do to make money. My next blog will start with "Where I'm at Today". Thanks and have a great day.

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