Thursday, May 6, 2010

How Will Redgage Do as a Social Media

How will Redgage do as a social media ???If you can imagine yourself standing on a beach watching the ocean. If you can visualize the ocean as the internet. Each wave is a change or new adaptation that the internet will apply to our daily lives. Those people that catch the wave or cause it become the next success on the world wide web. I believe that redgage is one of those waves and I'm glad to have caught it. Although I do not have the time to utilize it fully by repaying all comments in kind (which is just normal social media appreciation and i apologise to my new friends) I do recognize the potential of redgage. You see the greatest human want is appreciation because it is so rare. Redgage has made an extremely intelligent decision to reward their members for supporting them. Thus saying we appreciate you. Facebook has edged Google out for traffic and most online marketers have come to hate google and are flocking in droves to spend their hard earned money on facebook. Niether google or facebook make any attempt to show their appreciation. Look out google !!! Look out facebook !!! Because redgage is coming on strong !!!!

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